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How It Works
1. Order Online
2. Visit Local Lab
  • Bring requisition form to local lab.
  • The lab will not perform testing without your requisition form.
3. Receive Results
  • Receive results typically in 1-2 days. Some specific tests may take slightly longer.
  • Your results are displayed next to normal ranges, results outside of these ranges are flagged
Do I need a doctor's order or prescription for blood testing?

You do not need an order or a prescription from your doctor. All our tests include the doctors prescription required to have the test performed. We have doctors in every state. You will never see or speak with our doctors, they simply oversee the ordering process.

After ordering you bring the requisition form to our premier draw location close to you. Simply inform them of your arrival, present that form and they will collect the proper specimen for your tests. There is no additional payment. We receive the results and send them directly to you.

What do I receive after placing order?

You will receive a Confirmation email with a description of your purchase. Subsequently, you will receive a second email with a lab requisition attached. Bring a printed version of the requisition to the local lab location you choose to visit.

Are my test results private and confidential?

Yes. One of the primary reasons patients have used our service for the last 30 years is that their test results only become part of their medical record if they want them to be. Many patients get tested prior to an insurance exam or for many reasons they want the testing or results of the testing to be theirs alone.

Where do I go for testing?

Heart of Texas Labs works with many collection sites for our specimen collections.

Do you accept insurance, Medicare or Medicaid?

No. Heart of Texas Labs does not accept any insurance. All payments must be made by credit card or paypal. Cash and checks are accepted at our Waco, TX facility.