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Cholesterol Medication Panel

  1. Cholesterol Medication Panel

    Cholesterol Medication Panel

    If you're taking cholesterol medicine, your doctor may request a Cholesterol Medication Maintenance Panel before a refill is prescribed.

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  2. VAP (Vertical Auto Profile)

    VAP (Vertical Auto Profile)

    The VAP® Test uses the most advanced technology that provides the most accurate picture of an individual’s potential for heart disease and diabetes. This information is a great tool for your physician to provide the proper steps in preventing future heart attacks. The VAP Test provides a detailed report of individual lipoprotein subclasses and Apolipoprotein subclasses. This test not only includes the basic cholesterol tests, but also identifies any cholesterol abnormalities that can be a precursor to heart disease or diabetes. This is not a fasting blood test; this gives you flexibility on different appointment times, not just early in the day.

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